On 27th April 2009, Mavenz launched a unique knowledge networking site for people who wish to teach and or learn any skill, science or activity that may be of interest to them. Kenlighten allows for user to register for free and subscribe to tutorials created by other users. The tutorials can be created in various forms including videos, audio, documents or presentations using the tools developed by Mavenz.

At the launch, the founder and CEO of Mavenz, Mr. Nitin Narayan said, “I think Kenlighten has the potential to change the way our world learns. No borders, no barriers – it definitely will shrink our world further. It could be a very rewarding experience for people who have a penchant for teaching or are looking to share knowledge they have accumulated over years of experience. So the baby boomers, retired professionals, technical authors, professors, lecturers, professional trainers or any other knowledge workers can share their knowledge here with other users for free or for a price of their choice. Even a housewife or a granny, who believes she is an excellent cook, could sell her recipes here. Take this opportunity to make the change happen. Teach one,learn from another, grow as individuals. Come Kenlighten the world!”

To register yourself at Kenlighten visit www.kenlighten.com